Effects of stroke

The effects of stroke – how a stroke can affect you. 

There are several factors that impact on recovery and the effects of stroke. These factors include: 

  • Type of stroke 
  • Location of the blocked or burst artery 
  • Which area of the brain is damaged 
  • How much brain tissue is permanently damaged 
  • Your general health before the stroke Your level of activity before the stroke 

The brain is divided into several areas that control different functions. These include how you move your body, receive sensory messages (such as touch, sight or smell), use language and think. Because different arteries supply different areas of the brain, where the brain is damaged will determine which functions are affected. 

Every stroke is different. Each person affected by stroke will have different problems and different needs. The way in which you might be affected depends on where in the brain the stroke happens and how big the stroke is. A stroke on the right side of the brain generally causes problems on the left side of the body. A stroke on the left side of the brain causes problems on the right side of the body. Some strokes happen at the base of the brain and can cause problems with eating, breathing and moving.