Strategic plan 2013 - 2017

We will undertake our six strategic priorities so that we work towards our four goals so that we achieve our mission.

Our mission

Stop stroke. Save lives. End suffering.

Our goals

  • Conversations about stroke/voice for stroke.
  • Increased funding for stroke programs.
  • Better quality of care.
  • Decreased stroke incidence.

Our priorities

Build profile
Building our profile as a national organisation for improving stroke outcomes and experiences is an essential foundation of our ability to deliver on the desired outcomes for stroke. Establishing our organisation as the authoritative national voice for stroke is vital to our success. Without this we will not be able to fully achieve our vision or potential.

Engage consumers
Engaging with consumers (those recovering from stroke and their families and carers) will amplify our work by strengthening our advocacy through increased contact with, and improved understanding of those affected by stroke. Stronger engagement with consumers will deliver strategies to best meet emerging consumer needs.

Consolidate and grow revenue
Growing, diversifying and consolidating our income streams are essential for the organisation to have a sustainable base from which to grow. Fundamental funding activities such as donor appeals, applications to philanthropic institutions and events will continue for the duration of this strategic plan. In addition we will focus on obtaining government funding, corporate funding and Gifts in Wills.

Strengthen advocacy
Becoming a prominent national advocate for stroke, improving awareness and aiding prevention is a vital strategy for our organisation. Our advocacy will target both state and federal governments. We will work towards goals outlining changes determined to be the most effective means of achieving the desired outcomes.

Build a nationally sustainable organisation
To achieve our goals we must be a truly national organisation, moving beyond our historic statebased links. This will include a presence in all the states and territories, strengthened relationships and partnerships with other organisations, as well as improved understanding on the inequalities of access and care in both geographic and social terms.

Focused program delivery
The design and delivery of our programs and services will be clearly targeted and highly efficient to achieve optimal impact. We will make sure programs become nationally relevant and accessible. This will include ensuring program strategies are linked to reducing the stroke burden, as well as developing measures to review and re-calibrate programs continuously. 

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