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Is this your year for a challenge? If so why not join one of the fantastic public events in your local area. You can fundraise for the Stroke Foundation without having to organise your own event.

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Flick started running at the ripe old age of 38 when she decided to put her body to the test and run her first half-marathon in 2015.

Raising funds for the National Stroke Foundation was an easy decision for me. When I was eighteen years old, my father suffered a massive stroke. It impacted our lives dramatically and I will always reflect on that period of my life as being the most challenging and stressful.

In addition to the physical disability that my father was left with for the rest of his life, I found his change in personality to be a very difficult thing to accept. A brain injury can have such broad and far-reaching consequences - it was only in years to come that I realised how deeply it had affected my relationship with Dad.

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Join Team #FightStroke

For many stroke survivors, simple tasks like walking to the shops or going for a run become a very complex and sometimes impossible task. Whether you run for fun or to support someone you love who has been impacted by stroke, you can make every stride fight stroke. Better still, recruit a group of friends to form your own #FightStroke team.

Visit our public events calendar to find out about events in your area. Whether you are starting out or are an Olympic sprinter or love walking there is an event just waiting for your entry.  

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