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Nestlé Health Science

About our partnership
Nestlé Health Science is a Stroke Foundation Supporting Partner.

Stroke is one of the leading causes of dysphagia; it is estimated 40%1 of survivors have an ongoing need for swallowing support, leaving them vulnerable to dehydration, malnutrition and aspiration pneumonia.

Nestlé Health Science support includes sponsorship of:

  • a podcast hosted on enableMe for International Nutrition & Hydration Awareness week 2017
  • our Diet after Stroke fact sheet
  • our Swallowing Problems after Stroke fact sheet

Nestlé Health Science are also supporting partner of National Stroke Week 2017. With this support the, F.A.S.T. message will reach more communities.

About our partner
Nestlé Health Science and the Nestlé Institute of Health Science, formed in 2011, are the first of a new breed of health-science company. Advancing the role of nutrition to change the course of health management for patients, consumers, doctors, nurses and their partners in healthcare: this is their focus.

Nestlé Health Science produces nutritional therapy products. Of particular interest to our work, Nestlé Health Science provides solutions that create nourishing foods and hydrating fluids that are easy to swallow and support improved quality of life for stroke survivors with dysphagia or swallowing difficulties.

Find out more about Nestlé Health Science or its work developing innovative nutritional therapies for conditions like dysphagia.

1. Speech Pathology Australia Swallowing Awareness Day, 2017