Aija's Story

 Aija Davies photo

Aija Davies

Having had a stroke 20 years ago, Aija understands how stroke can change lives quickly. The stroke caused great difficulty in Aija’s life in that she had to leave work, sell her home and re locate. “I experienced crying fits in hospital. The right side of my body was also affected as well as my speech”.

Aija’s experience with stroke has inspired her to thoughtfully leave a gift in her Will to the Stroke Foundation. “I made the decision around the time I was in rehabilitation in 1995. Aija hopes that her gift will contribute to stroke research and help improve stroke treatment and care. “I want to stop the suffering caused to stroke survivors and their families”

Leaving gifts to charities is important to Aija. “It enables people to recognize people’s difficulties. As we get older helping out becomes more important”.

Aija’s generous gift of $10,000 will help to continue the fight against stroke and support the lifesaving work of the Stroke Foundation”.  

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