Betty and Gerhard's Story

Betty and Gerhard Bohn photo

Betty and Gerhard Bohn 

Gerhard lost his mother after she had a massive stroke one Christmas Day.

Years later, his wife Betty also had a stroke. He prayed that stroke would not steal away Betty in the same tragic way it had done with his mother. Thankfully for them both, she was diagnosed quickly and correctly, and received good treatment, specialist stroke care and lots of rehabilitation. It’s how it should be for all stroke survivors.

Despite their experience with stroke, Betty and Gerhard regard themselves as fortunate. Now in their later years, and without children to consider, they’ve decided to leave money to a number of their favourite charities, including the Stroke Foundation.

Betty wants their lasting legacy to be freedom from stroke. “We don’t want others to have to go through all of the pain and suffering that we’ve experienced.”

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