Dr Erin Lalor's Story

Erin Lalor photo

Dr Erin Lalor 

Having led the Stroke Foundation’s work to stop stroke, save lives and end suffering, Dr Erin Lalor truly understands the heart-wrenching impact that stroke can have on people and their families.

Erin has an incredible passion to help in our fight against stroke, even after she stepped down from being our Chief Executive after 12 years. Through her work, Erin knows that it is going to take a lot to ensure the Stroke Foundation’s work continues long into the future. She was inspired by the work of our charity to thoughtfully include a gift in her own Will.

Erin explained, “My dream is to see a future where people can understand their risk of stroke and are supported to reduce that risk. Around seven years ago I sat down with my family and looked at how we can achieve this vision. After making sure that my own family will be well looked after once I’ve gone, I decided that the simplest thing that I can do is to leave a small percentage of my estate to the Stroke Foundation in my Will”.

Erin hopes that all of our supporters will take some time to consider joining her in leaving a lasting legacy by remembering the Stroke Foundation in their Wills.

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