Kevin's Story

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Kevin Menzel

Stroke Foundation’s mission to ‘stop stroke, save lives, end suffering’ is very important to Kevin Menzel. He began supporting the Stroke Foundation back in 2006. Kevin’s strong wish to continue supporting the Stroke Foundation in the long term inspired him to kindly include a Gift in his Will the last time he updated it. “So many people need support after they have had a stroke” Kevin explained. “I want to help prevent strokes from happening in the first place”.

Kevin believes that making people aware of their blood pressure is one of the most important aspects of the Stroke’s Foundation’s work. Having had his blood pressure taken at Australia’s Biggest Blood Pressure Check, he discovered that he had very high blood pressure and was at high risk of having a stroke. He was urgently referred to his doctor for advice.

Kevin has since learnt how to manage his blood pressure, reduce his risk of stroke and improving his overall health. “Thank you to the Stroke Foundation for saving my life”.

Knowing that he can make a difference in the fight against stroke through leaving a Gift in his Will gives Kevin sense of satisfaction. He encourages others to follow in his footsteps.

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