Include a Charity in your Will campaign

 Include a charity

We believe that gifts in Wills to charities can help transform the world for the better. That’s why the Stroke Foundation is a leading member of the Include a Charity campaign – a group of over 140 Australian charities working together to highlight the vital role that gifts in Wills play in benefiting all communities in need.

The facts & figures
Three out of four Australians support charities and local community organisations throughout their lifetime.

Fewer than one in ten Australians include gifts to their favourite charities in their Will. Many people just don’t realise that including a gift in your Will is easy and something anybody can do.

Gifts in Wills provide much-needed income to many of Australia's most-loved charities. Gifts in Wills left to the Stroke Foundation help us to continue our life-changing work.

A few words in your Will can help change the world.

The campaign
Include a Charity is a countrywide campaign designed to raise awareness of the ease and effectiveness of including a charitable gift in your Will. It aims to make including charitable gifts a normal part of everybody’s Will-making. We’d like for bequests to become a widely recognised and well-respected way of supporting charities amongst the Australian public.

The campaign is a close collaboration between some of Australia’s leading and respected charities – including the Stroke Foundation, Cancer Council, Heart Foundation, Mission Australia, World Vision, The Salvation Army and Guide Dogs.

We want you to consider including a gift in your Will to help support your favourite charities in the future.

You can find out more about our involvement in the campaign here.

You can find out how to include a gift to the Stroke Foundation in your Will here.

Include a Charity on the TV
Will your last wishes be something to remember? Click on the image below to watch the latest advert from the Include a Charity campaign and find out more about including your favourite charity in your Will.

Include a Charity
Watch the video clips below and hear Ross Anderson, explain why we are proud to be part of the Include a Charity campaign – a collection of over 150 of Australia’s most-loved charities working together to inspire more people to think about including bequest gifts to charities in their Wills.

Nancy Jagger talking about why she has included our charity in her Will.