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Stroke can claim more than your life – even if you survive you may never be the same ‘you’.

Two years ago, Lara’s world was turned upside down when her husband, Shaun, suffered a devastating stroke – he was only 47 years old.

The day everything changed

“I was with Shaun when he had the stroke. Before the stroke, he was absolutely fine. It was about 6.45am in the morning, we had been having a chat when I heard him coughing and struggling to breathe,”

Shaun was rushed to hospital, where they discovered a large clot had blocked blood flow to the right side of his brain. Amazing clot-busting medicine dissolved the clot, saving Shaun’s life, however serious damage had been done to his brain…

And then, tragically, a second stroke struck. This time it destroyed the region of Shaun’s brain that controls emotions and decision making. His personality was erased in an instant. The old ‘Shaun’ was gone.

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A new reality

After six months of gruelling rehab, Shaun returned home and Lara became the full-time carer to a person she barely knew. “It’s easy to say that we’re lucky that he’s still here but people just don’t understand the stress and the loss, the loss of losing the man I married.”

Lara and Shaun’s daughters feel like they’ve lost their father, “Our daughters are very, very supportive and have been right from the beginning. But they struggle….Shaun is more impatient, he’s more aggressive, he’s more abrupt,” Lara says, “He’s not the same Dad.”

Stroke is just so cruel. But there is new hope for stroke survivors like Shaun. 

Reaching for the stars

The next breakthrough in stroke research may be close. Research that will prevent more strokes and that will make recovery from stroke easier, faster and more complete.

Professor Julie Bernhardt, head of the stroke division at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and member of the Stroke Foundation Research Advisory Council, is on the frontline of stroke research. She says the time for action is now:

“We’ve got exciting discoveries that – when built upon – will lead to huge leaps forward in our understanding of the brain after stroke, and the acceleration of brain repair.

And that will give hope to the 1 in 6 people who have a stroke.”

The future is bright – if we take action now. Together we can improve stroke prevention, treatment and care – we can find a cure for stroke. And you can be a part of it. Donate now.