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“I’m so grateful for the expert care I’ve received since my stroke – I hate to think where I’d be now without it” 

Queenslander Janette Bingham, was 58, considered she was healthy and well. She was leading a full life, enjoying her six grandchildren and working full time as a midwife at a Queensland hospital.

“I had recently lost some weight and felt fit enough to tackle anything,” she says. “But I went to the GP because I had experienced a little numbness on my tongue and on one side of my face and on my left side.”

“I did not think it was anything, but the GP took a different view. Very quickly I was in hospital for scans.”

Janette thought this was all a little “over the top” but then doctors told her the news: she had suffered from a brain injury caused by a stroke.

Janette is very lucky that her GP was on the ball. She began receiving expert care immediately and that is why she is going so well today.

However, Janette’s stroke journey did not end when she was discharged from hospital.

“When I left hospital I was still struggling, I was not sure what to do or where to look for help.”

Stroke Foundation helped Janette find her way.

On her return home, Janette was contacted by Stroke Foundation, a health professional called to check in, see how she was doing and if she needed help.

“That phone call helped me. Stroke Foundation helped me to get the rehabilitation I needed and even get to the rehabilitation – I couldn’t drive so they even organised cabs to and from rehab for me.”

Through initiatives such as Stroke Foundation’s follow-up program Janette received the support and ongoing rehabilitation she needed. The next goal on Janette’s recovery journey is returning to work. With your support we can help more Australians like Janette.

Because of the generous support of our donors, we have been able to provide follow-up support and practical resources like our online resource enableme which is specifically for stroke survivors like Janette.

“Since leaving hospital, I have used the Stroke Foundation website enableme. It has been a big help in giving me exercises and helping me monitor my progress,” explains Janette.

By using enableme Janette can access practical advice for her post-stroke journey, as well as connect with other stroke survivors and benefit from their personal successes.

These resources we’ve developed take time and money. But it’s very satisfying to know that we are making inroads in the fight against stroke.

Please, help us go further and donate today  to help us fund better recovery programs for stroke survivors

And remember, stroke can be prevented, treated and beaten. If we can overcome the impact of stroke, we can reduce suffering and improve the quality of life for so many Australians.