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One Stroke. Many Faces.

Helen suffered a stroke which caused right side paralysis and loss of speech. Thankfully her sons, George and Michael, knew the F.A.S.T signs of stroke, recognised her symptoms and called triple zero (000) for an ambulance. Their actions led to fast diagnosis and treatment. Helen, was rushed to hospital and given urgent clot dissolving treatment to restore the blood flow to her brain, saving her life.

But this was just the beginning of Helen’s stroke journey. Recovery from stroke can be a long and difficult journey. Stroke changes everything. For everyone. Helen, George and Michael’s challenges have continued since Helen returned home.

Read more about Helen’s story here. Or donate today to support families like Helen’s survive the ordeal of stroke.


Help keep StrokeLine alive

Have you ever found the courage to ask for help, only to find there was no one to ask? We would never want this to be the case for a stroke survivor.

StrokeLine is the only dedicated help line for people affected by stroke in Australia. Over the next year, it will cost $318,412 to run. And without your help today, we can’t keep vital support services like StrokeLine going.

We need your support to help bring hope and put the specialist care of a Stoke Foundation health professional alongside stroke survivors in their recovery journey. Stroke survivors like Dan Englund, an energetic carpenter and dad from Queensland who was struck down by stroke. Read more about Dan’s story or make a donation here.

Help stop the cruel lottery costing lives. Give now.

When Greg awoke feeling pinned to his bed, he had a fleeting thought it might be a stroke but instead of urgently rushing to hospital he went back to sleep, passing the symptoms off as a virus.

The following day Greg did go to hospital, but at first his stroke was not diagnosed. Greg went home from hospital returning again the next day thinking something was not right.

When Greg’s stroke was finally diagnosed it was more than 24 hours since he was last seen well. It was too late for time-critical stroke treatment. The focus was now on maximising his recovery. Read about Greg’s amazing story here or give now to help put an end to the suffering caused by stroke.

Kids have strokes too

Join us today to help fight childhood stroke.

With your support we’ll increase awareness of childhood stroke, improve treatment and care and provide better support to families. 

Together we can bring a brighter future to children and families impacted by childhood stroke.

Around 500 strokes will be experienced by infants and children in Australia each year. While the numbers are small, the impact can be devastating and life-long for families.

Stroke Foundation engages and collaborates with the Little Stroke Warriors support group to determine the needs for Australian families impacted by childhood stroke.

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