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Be a F.A.S.T. Hero. Help spread the F.A.S.T. message.

The day John was struck down by stroke he was running errands for a mate. He was only34, so he didn’t think ‘This is a stroke’.

Instead, he tried to carry on with his day. He recalls, “I think back now, and my behaviour was really erratic. But I just tried to brush it off. I’m amazed I even made it home.”.

John is incredibly lucky his wife Amanda recognised the F.A.S.T. signs of stroke. She knew something wasn’t right. Amanda drove John straight to hospital with their two young children, Brock and Maddie, in the back seat. The hospital was expecting them; and John was rushed straight in for a brain scan as soon as they arrived.

Amanda’s F.A.S.T. action saved John’s life. She is John’s F.A.S.T. Hero.

Read more about John and Amanda’s story or help spread the F.A.S.T. message to more Australian’s. 

Kids have strokes too

Join us today to help fight childhood stroke.

With your support we’ll increase awareness of childhood stroke, improve treatment and care and provide better support to families. 

Together we can bring a brighter future to children and families impacted by childhood stroke.

Around 500 strokes will be experienced by infants and children in Australia each year. While the numbers are small, the impact can be devastating and life-long for families.

Stroke Foundation engages and collaborates with the Little Stroke Warriors support group to determine the needs for Australian families impacted by childhood stroke.

Read more about childhood stroke

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Help stop stroke in its tracks

Imagine you see a young woman jogging. You notice she’s drifting to one side, like a car with wheels out of alignment.

She corrects her stride a few times with a confused look on her face… Then she collapses.

This is stroke, the potential killer that can come out of nowhere. Hannah was only 22 when this happened to her.

Thankfully Hannah was able to use her phone to call for help. You can read more about the life-saving treatment she received in the latest edition of the Stroke Matters newsletter. You’ll see that Hannah was in the best possible hands. Hannah received world-class stroke care – made possible by advancements from the Stroke Foundation’s own research program and your support! Thank You.

Help give stroke survivors specialised advice and support to recovery

The word you often hear from people who’ve had a stroke and their families is “overwhelmed”.

Do you know why? It’s because although every stroke journey is different, almost all are complex and overwhelming.

That’s why we put qualified health professionals where stroke survivors and their families need them most – either at the end of a phone call on StrokeLine, in an online discussion group on EnableMe, and on paper during the transition from hospital to home through the My Stroke Journey resource pack.

We can only do this with support from people like you. Because these programs are only made possible by your gifts. Find out more about the supporter services we offer or donate today to support our work.

Help fund vital stroke research

You never know when you’re going to need a helicopter to airlift you hundreds of kilometres to emergency surgery.

You don’t wake up in the morning and think, “Today I’ll need a stroke specialist to remove a deadly clot from my brain and save my life!” But for stroke survivor Kate, this is exactly what happened.

Kate lives in regional Victoria, she’s a wife to Jed, and mum to Charlotte and little Mason. At just thirty-four years of age, holding Mason in her arms, Kate had a major stroke.

However, Kate was one of the lucky ones. Kate was flown by emergency helicopter from regional Victoria to a Melbourne hospital where she received world-leading clot retrieval – a procedure pioneered right here in Australia thanks to support from donors just like you.

Read more about Kate’s story or donate now to help fund vital stroke research. With your support, we can invest more in vital stroke research and change the story for more people like Kate.

Help survivors be their best me after stroke

We all deserve the best when it comes to critical treatments; and the best in rehabilitation care. And, of course, this is especially important when it’s for ourselves or our loved ones.

However, in our community, almost a third of people struck by stroke aren’t even admitted to a stroke unit. And even more miss out on crucial rehabilitation.

Setten was an active husband and father when he collapsed in his kitchen. At the relatively young age of 46, Setten had his stroke. And the road to recovery has been challenging. Setten recalls, “After three months in hospital all my muscles had deteriorated. I was fairly fit, but I just lost all ability. I wasted away, dropping twenty kilos.

You can imagine it can be overwhelming trying to find the pieces of yourself again... to put yourself back together. But Setten is determined. He has set himself the goal of being able to walk again, and hopes to return to work.

Read more about Setten’s story here. Or donate now to support stroke survivors in their recovery.