F.A.S.T. action saves lives

“I owe my life to my wife Ina for taking F.A.S.T. action.”

When Felix collapsed, he feared he may be having a stroke. But with his body paralysed, he wasn’t able to tell anyone.

Felix remembers, “I thought, ‘That’s the end of me’.”

Thankfully his wife, Ina, also suspected a stroke and called triple zero straight away.

Thanks to gifts from Stroke Foundation supporters just like you, the mobile stroke unit – with the innovative CT scanner on board – arrived at their home.

The specialist team was able to give Felix a brain scan on board the ambulance, and determine that a blood clot had indeed caused a stroke. They immediately administered a clot-busting drug right there in the ambulance outside Felix’s home!

Felix was rushed to hospital and went straight into surgery where the blood clot in his brain was removed via endovascular thrombectomy – another innovation supported by the Stroke Foundation (and you).

Incredibly, thanks to investment in stroke research and innovative new treatments, his recovery was amazing!

Felix knows only too well how vital these new treatments are. “It saved my life,”  he says. “The outcome could have been so much worse.”

This year alone, Australians will experience more than 56,000 strokes.

But paramedics, nurses and doctors can only help if people recognise the signs of stroke, dial 000 and get to hospital quickly.

For stroke survivors like Felix and his wife Ina, knowing the signs of stroke and taking FAST action meant that Felix was able to access treatment quickly – dramatically changing his outcome and saving his life.

With your support, we can ensure more Australians know the F.A.S.T. signs of stroke and take F.A.S.T. action – helping stroke victims get access to immediate treatment.