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Help stroke survivors navigate their recovery. Put a qualified professional by their side.

With your support, a specially trained health professional will be available when stroke survivors and carers need them most.

The word you often hear from people who’ve had a stroke and their families is “overwhelmed”.

Do you know why? It’s because although every stroke journey is different, almost all are complex and overwhelming.

That’s why we need your help to put qualified health professionals where stroke survivors and their families need them most – either at the end of a phone call on StrokeLine, in an online discussion group on EnableMe, and on paper during the transition from hospital to home through the My Stroke Journey resource pack.

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When you need someone to speak to, the StrokeLine team can be there!

These trained health professionals will answer each call and give FREE support, advice, information and a listening ear for stroke survivors, carers and family members.

Navigating the health service system after stroke can be overwhelming. StrokeLine helps people advocate for themselves, and set recovery goals.

StrokeLine is a vital (and confidential) service. In fact, for many it’s a lifeline.

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Stroke survivors usually see recovery as a lifelong journey. And while the health system can provide amazing medical care, people still need support after formal rehabilitation ends.

EnableMe is a world-first in stroke support services – a FREE online resource that brings together a wealth of good, quality stroke information. This includes tools to help stroke recovery, and an engaged community to provide support to stroke survivors in the months and years after their stroke.

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My Stroke Journey

After a stroke, survivors and their families need to develop expertise quickly. It’s essential to make sure they have an active involvement in their treatment and recovery (as well as reducing their risk of future strokes).

This can be overwhelming!

My Stroke Journey is a comprehensive, easy-to-understand FREE stroke information and education resource designed to help stroke survivors and their family to navigate life after stroke.

Developed in collaboration with stroke clinicians, survivors and their families, to provide good quality information and helpful advice to support stroke recovery.

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