Help stop stroke in its tracks

I was 22 when I had a stroke.  Help stop stroke in its tracks.

Imagine you see a young woman jogging. You notice she’s drifting to one side, like a car with wheels out of alignment.

She corrects her stride a few times with a confused look on her face… Then she collapses.

This is stroke, the potential killer that can come out of nowhere. Hannah was only 22 when this happened to her.

“Stroke was the furthest thing from my mind,” Hannah recalls, “I just remember being confused that my body wasn’t responding the way my brain was telling it to.”

Can you image the fear Hannah must have been feeling? When stroke can strike down a young woman like Hannah, we know we need to do more to fight this terrible disease.

Help Stop Stroke In its tracks - Hannah in rehab Thankfully Hannah was able to use her phone to call for help. She’s one of the lucky ones. Hannah received world-class stroke care – made possible by advancements from the Stroke Foundation’s own research program and your support!

But the road to recovery hasn’t been easy.

For Hannah, getting the right support on her recovery journey has been vital. She shares, “It’s been challenging, but I’ve learnt a lot during this experience. Having a support network around you and people encouraging you makes all the difference. My rehab team has been amazing.”

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