Help survivors be their best me after stroke



"Stroke takes so much. But I'm still a dad. I'm still a husband."

Setten, stroke survivor


We all deserve the best when it comes to critical treatments; and the best in rehabilitation care. And, of course, this is especially important when it’s for ourselves or our loved ones.

However, in our community, almost a third of people struck by stroke aren’t even admitted to a stroke unit. And even more miss out on crucial rehabilitation.

Your support will help the Stroke Foundation provide stroke survivors with much-needed resources – the online support and resource tool, and also the important My Stroke Journey packs.

Setten was an active husband and father when he collapsed in his kitchen. At the relatively young age of 46, Setten had his stroke. 

Setten managed to put himself to bed but didn’t get up the next morning. He was taken to hospital the following day.

Initially they [doctors] thought I might have had a dive accident – the bends,” he says, “but in the CT brain scan they saw I’d had a stroke.

 Image: Setten in Hospital

From this point on, Setten was in and out of consciousness. “About four weeks later in the intensive care unit it hit home that I might not fully recover…” 

You can imagine it can be overwhelming trying to find the pieces of yourself again... to put yourself back together.

That is exactly why we developed the wonderful online support and resource tool and My Stroke Journey packs. These vital Stroke Foundation services help survivors, like Setten, rebuild their life after stroke, and reconnect with parts of themselves they may feel like they had lost. 


Yet we can't do this vital work without you. Please consider a gift today to help stroke survivors, like Setten, rediscover their best selves after stroke. 

The stroke is like a switch,” says Setten, “It suddenly flicks and changes your life. And you can’t reverse it!” 

But Setten is determined. He has set himself the goal of being able to walk again, and hopes to return to work. He says, “In about 5 years I can imagine that this will be a distant memory, and I’ll be my, new, normal self. There will be some scars… And the memory will stay forever.

Please donate today to help stroke survivors, like Setten, rediscover their best selves after stroke.