Stroke Ambulance Appeal

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We see a future where access to the best stroke emergency care is only a phone call away. Where a diagnosis can be determined before you get to the hospital.

Where you can begin treatment and reduce the impact of your stroke and increase your chance of a strong recovery. But how do we get there? 

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Alex's Story

Alex was a regular runner, he was healthy, fit and was hoping to one day participate in a marathon.

One day whilst Alex was running he started to feel off. “I thought ‘it’s part of running, I’ll just push through it. Then I was unable to keep hold of one of my dog’s leads. The dog kept getting away from me. I was really dizzy, and I thought, push through it, just keep running.”

At this time Alex was alone in a carpark. He started to realise something was really wrong.

“I thought - I have to find someone, so I managed to run another 250 metres. I saw a lady in my neighbourhood and collapsed. I couldn’t move and sheer panic set in.”

A few neighbours came out of their homes realising something was wrong. Initially neighbours thought Alex had been drinking. However noticing he was having trouble breathing, they called an ambulance.

The paramedics put Alex into the ambulance and headed off. While in the Ambulance Alex recalls hearing the two paramedics talking, debating where to take Alex and if in-fact he was suffering a stroke. The decision determined which hospital Alex was taken to, the protocols that were followed and ultimately if Alex would live.

Imagine if Alex had access to the Stroke Ambulance when he was having his stroke.

The Stroke Ambulance is like having a mobile stroke unit in your driveway. It not only has state of the art technology including a CT scanner to diagnose a stroke but can also administer lifesaving treatments before arriving at hospital.

When it comes to stroke time is critical. Most stroke treatments are time sensitive and require administering within the first 4.5 hours. Time not only impacts a person’s chance of survival but also their recovery journey.

You can help get the Stroke Ambulance on the road so that people like Alex can receive the best stroke emergency care available. Donate online today.

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You can read more about Alex’s recovery journey here.

The Road Ahead

Every medical breakthrough began with an idea but they only become reality when our leading medical experts are given the right support and tools to use their expertise. And that’s right where we are now. You can be part of an Australian first – indeed a first for the Southern Hemisphere. Join us to get this amazing Stroke Ambulance get on the road.

When it comes to stroke time is critical.

With up to 1.9 million brain cells lost every minute of a stroke your chance of a strong recovery can diminish. Currently there are over 470,000 Australian’s living with the impact of stroke. Many of those people live with ongoing disabilities that impact their day to day living. Not only is the individual affected by the stroke but those around them. Stroke changes your life and the lives of those around you forever.

“Because of the brain damage I'd suffered, every night I'd wake up not knowing why I was in hospital, or why I could not move or speak… It was utterly terrifying not knowing what had happened to me.” – Alex, age 28, stroke victim.

Like Alex, stroke recovery is a long journey and for many it’s lifelong. Work with us to reduce the impact of stroke in Australia. Only a handful of countries have a Stroke Ambulance.

You will be a part of something life changing, something BIG. And thousands of Australians like Alex will thank you for every extra day of life you have given them.

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Your contribution will not only save lives but also help pave the way for world class stroke care across Australia.