StrokeLine Appeal

“I haven’t had anything else in my life so difficult to get over.”

Have you ever found the courage to ask for help, only to find there was no one to ask? I would never want this to be the case for a stroke survivor.

StrokeLine is the only dedicated help line for people affected by stroke in Australia. Over the next year, it will cost $318,412 to run. And without your help today, we can’t keep vital support services like StrokeLine going.

Dan was an energetic carpenter and dad from Queensland. Then suddenly, Dan was struck down by stroke.

“It was just a normal day and I was getting dressed when I heard a humming in my ear. I thought, ’That’s weird’… And as I sat down my left hand dropped to my side. It was all curled up. And then I felt numbness on my left side. I started to panic.”

Thankfully, when Dan’s wife Tania found him on the floor, she recognised the signs of stroke. Tania called an ambulance, and within 12 hours, Dan had received life-saving treatment in Brisbane.

But Dan’s fight was just beginning. And this is where StrokeLine really plays a part for people like Dan.

“I haven’t had anything else in my life so difficult to get over,” he shares, “I thought, ‘I just need more support.’ So I got on my phone and searched until I found StrokeLine. What they provide is hope.”

In an instant, a stroke can change lives. Your gift helps provide vital support services and resources through StrokeLine to stroke survivors and their families. Your gift brings hope.

Your gift of will put trained health professionals on the line – helping survivors from the first days and weeks after their stroke, and throughout the entire recovery journey.