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Oli6 has provided philanthropic support for Stroke Foundation programs and services. Support from Oli6 enables more stroke survivors, their family and carers access vital stroke services. We want to prevent, treat and beat stroke. Together, we can fight stroke and win.

About our partner
Breastfeeding is best for healthy full term infants as it provides many benefits not delivered via infant formula feeding. It is important when breastfeeding or in preparation to breastfeed that you maintain a healthy, well balanced diet. The use of a combination of breastfeeding and infant formula feeding may reduce the supply of breastmilk, which may be difficult to reverse. Prior to taking the decision to infant formula feed you should consider the social and financial implications and the health hazards of unnecessary or improper use of infant formula.

Oli6® has been developed in direct response from talking to Australian mums who are seeking products that are as natural as possible to help their little ones’ growth and development. Our toddler formula has a high percentage of goat milk solids, which makes Oli6® naturally rich in many essential vitamins and minerals like magnesium, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C as well as other beneficial substances like prebiotic oligosaccharides

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