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When Greg awoke feeling pinned to his bed, he had a fleeting thought it might be a stroke but instead of urgently rushing to hospital he went back to sleep, passing the symptoms off as a virus.

“I woke up in the middle of the night, and it felt like the earth’s gravity had changed… I felt like I was being pressed down onto the bed.”

Greg recalls, “I tried walking to the toilet but my left leg wouldn’t walk and just dragged. I raised my left arm to steady myself against the wall, but it didn’t raise...”

The following day Greg did go to hospital, but at first his stroke was not diagnosed. Greg went home from hospital returning again the next day thinking something was not right.

When Greg’s stroke was finally diagnosed it was more than 24 hours since he was last seen well. It was too late for time-critical stroke treatment. The focus was now on maximising his recovery.

Only with your help today, can we keep educating the community and empowering health professionals to diagnose, treat and beat stroke. Your support will help people like Greg get the right diagnosis and treatment… before it’s too late.

We must ensure people recognise stroke is always a medical emergency and go to hospital if they suspect it might be a stroke.

We also must ensure our clinicians are equipped with the knowledge they need to correctly diagnose and treat stroke in line with best practice guidelines.

The truth is, Greg was very, very lucky. He survived – despite the delay in reaching hospital and diagnosis. And with time and tremendous effort, he has made an incredible recovery.

In his own words, he says “I have set myself a goal – I will rebuild this new body.” 


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