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A boy walks into the kitchen and sees his mum staring blindly into space… What do you think he should do next?

For 16 year old George, this was the nightmare he walked into when his mum, Helen, had a stroke earlier this year.

We found her on the chair – she was just looking into nothing,” George says, still visibly upset by the memory. He continues, “She didn’t know where she was or what she was looking at.”

Helen, was rushed to hospital and given urgent clot dissolving treatment to restore the blood flow to her brain, saving her life.

When Helen woke up in hospital, she recalls, “I couldn’t move and I didn’t understand what was happening… It was three weeks before we knew I was going to be okay.”

I’m sure you can imagine how frightening this was for Helen and her boys. Recovery from stroke can be a long and difficult journey. Helen, George and Michael’s challenges have continued since Helen returned home.

With sadness, Helen shares, “It’s hard at times. I can’t drive so I can’t pick up the boys from school if it’s raining. George had to give up soccer because I can’t take him to training...”

Stroke changes everything. For everyone. We must stop it harming families. And together with your help, we can.

Faces of stroke

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