Sensory Rehabilitation after Stroke Workshop

August 27, 2018
09:00am - 05:00pm
The Florey - Heidelberg campus, 245 Burgundy St, Heidelberg Victoria 3084

Sensory Rehabilitation following Stroke: Neuroscience Foundations, New Evidence and Application to Clinical Practice

Loss of body sensations is common post-stroke with negative impact on exploration of the environment, hand function and activity participation.

In this workshop, Prof. Leeanne Carey will present an evidence-based approach to sensory rehabilitation. The nature of loss, neuroimaging outcomes, and impact on function will be reviewed. New quantitative sensory measures will be presented and neuroscience foundations of recovery discussed. Approaches to sensory retraining will be critically appraised. A novel, evidence-based approach to sensory discrimination training that is founded on neuroscience and perceptual learning will be presented with evidence from a randomised controlled trial.

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