Call into talkback radio

Talkback radio is a great forum to start conversations about stroke and raise the profile of the fight stroke campaign.

Here’s what to do once you’ve called in:

  1. Tell them that stroke is one of Australia’s biggest killers and a leading cause of disability.
  2. Tell them how stroke has had an impact on your life.
  3. Mention the Fight Stroke – Call to Action. This was developed after the Stroke Foundation consulted with hundreds of stroke survivors. It contains what they feel needs to change in Australia for stroke survivors and carers.
  4. Talk about the National Action Plan for Stroke which outlines the steps Federal Government can take to prevent strokes and provide better care and support for stroke survivors. You can find more information about the plan here.
  5. Ask people to help by visiting and joining the campaign.

Here are contact details for talkback radio stations:


3AW Open Line: 03 96 900 693 or Outside Melbourne Open Line: 131332
More at
Neil Mitchell is on air from 8.30am to midday
Denis Walter is on air from 12-4

774 ABC Call 1300 222 774 or via email at


2GB Open Line – Within NSW: 131 873 (Local Call) more at
Ray Hadley is on air from 9am to midday
Chris Smith is on air from 12-3pm

702 ABC Call 1300 222 702 or via email at


4BC Talkback Line – 13 13 32 or 07 3908 8800 (if calling outside of Brisbane)
Greg Cary is on air from 9am to midday
Gary Hardgrave is on air from 3pm to 6pm

612 ABC Call 1300 222 612 or via email at


5AA Call 8223 0000 or via email
Leon Byner is on air from 9am to1pm
Belinda Heggen is on air from 1pm to 4pm

891 ABC 1300 222 891 or via email at


6PR Talkback Line – (08) 9221 1882
Paul Murray is on air from 8:30am to 12pm
Tony McManus is on air from 12pm to 3pm


7HO Phone: (03) 6216 1000

936 ABC 1300 222 936 or via email at

You can find your local ABC radio station here