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Help raise funds for vital stroke research

Did you know they keep patients awake during brain surgery to remove clots? Incredible, isn’t it?!

The surgery is called endovascular thrombectomy. It’s one of the most exciting medical advancements in stroke of our generation! And it saves lives.

Advancements in medical research save lives every day. And the truth is you never know when the next breakthrough might save your life, or the life of someone you love.

Stroke survivor Melissa wasn’t expecting to be lying on an operating table, awake while a surgeon operated on her brain, saving her life.

Innovations in stroke treatment can’t come a moment too soon for people like Melissa. Or perhaps you, or even someone you love. When we asked Melissa what she’d say to donors, this was her reply… “If I could say anything, it would be that I got to come back and live my life. I have stroke research and the generosity of people like you to thank for that!”

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Help stroke survivors find their voice

Stroke can turn your life upside down. When the losses are huge, like movement or speech, it is vital to ensure stroke survivors don't feel trapped in their body... Nor silenced.

When mum, wife and nurse Shannon suffered a massive stroke in 2018, it affected the part of her brain that deals with language and speech. Even after intensive rehab, Shannon still struggles with aphasia and verbal dyspraxia – the ability to coordinate the movement of the muscles used during speech.

Or as she tells it, “I knew what to say but I couldn’t get the words out.”

Your support today will provide critical funding for our world-leading StrokeConnect programs. Every gift will provide StokeConnect support for survivors like Shannon, when it is needed most. Please help survivors find their voice after stroke. Please help us ensure no stroke survivor goes unheard.

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Thank you or standing with us in the fight against stroke

2019 was another extraordinary year for the Stroke Foundation. We’ve taken some big steps forward in the fight against stroke... And it’s all thanks to the tremendous support of everyday Australian’s like you.

This support allows us to continue vital work across the entire stroke journey – from prevention initiatives, world-leading treatment and stroke survivor support programs, to investment in breakthrough research.

Read more about some of the highlights of our work in 2019 or donate today to continue supporting our work in 2020 as we strive for a world free from disability and suffering caused by stroke.

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Give the gift of hope this Christmas

When a stroke hits it can devastate whole families. And when it strikes a child, the journey to recovery is full of unknowns. In the days, weeks and months after a stroke, having access to the right resources, networks and advice can bring a world of HOPE to survivors and their families.

Young parents Karli and Dan know firsthand the challenges on the journey to recovery for childhood stroke survivors. Their little girl, Anthea, suffered a stroke at only six weeks old. For Karli and Dan, access to information and a community of people who understood what they were going through has been a vital part of their family’s journey after stroke.

By supporting the Stroke Foundation this Christmas you’ll help families like Anthea’s access the support and information they desperately need on the stroke recovery journey.

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BRING HOPE to stroke survivors today

Being told you or someone you care about has had a stroke can be overwhelming. In the days, weeks and months after a stroke, having access to the right resources, networks and advice can bring a world of HOPE to survivors on their recovery journey.

For stroke survivors Anna and Paul, the journey to recovery has been long and challenging, and is ongoing. But with the right support and resources, and the Stroke Foundation by their side, they have both made amazing progress.

Ensure survivors have access to the resources, networks and advice they need to support recovery.

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Kids have strokes too

Join us today to help fight childhood stroke.

With your support we’ll increase awareness of childhood stroke, improve treatment and care and provide better support to families. 

Together we can bring a brighter future to children and families impacted by childhood stroke.

Around 500 strokes will be experienced by infants and children in Australia each year. While the numbers are small, the impact can be devastating and life-long for families.

Stroke Foundation engages and collaborates with the Little Stroke Warriors support group to determine the needs for Australian families impacted by childhood stroke.

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