“He was the most extraordinary person, the love of my life, the joy in my life.”

This is how Joy, a key supporter of Stroke Foundation, describes her beloved husband Allen who she lost to stroke just one month after his 80th birthday.

Before stroke took his life, Allen had already experienced a series of “mini-strokes”. For Joy, the research, support, advice and awareness funded by Stroke Foundation helped give her and Allen a precious extra two-and-a-half years of being together.

Joy and Allen

“The help of the Stroke Foundation was phenomenal. We got such a lot of support and information on diet, exercise; everything we needed to know about living in the shadow of stroke.”
- Joy

The whole team at the Stroke Foundation works tirelessly to provide hope to survivors in recovery. And our amazing Australian researchers, that you help fund, are continually unlocking the mysteries of the brain to advance our fight to prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery.

And we can’t do it without you!

Joy chose to support the work of the Stroke Foundation in a number of ways. She was always happy to share her story in the hope it would inspire others to care as deeply about stroke as she did.

Sadly, when Joy passed away the day after her 81st birthday, we lost a loving, caring and wonderfully compassionate woman. But her amazing, and generous, legacy lives on. Even now, after her passing, Joy continues to support survivors of stroke and their loved ones. You see, one of her kindest acts before her death was to include a gift to the Stroke Foundation in her Will.

Thanks to Gifts in Wills made by visionary supporters, like Joy, more Australians are surviving stroke than ever before. But we still have a long way to go in the fight against stroke. Stroke Foundation is the only national charity dedicated to preventing stroke and helping survivors of stroke and their families.

Stroke Matters