Information on how to engage your MP in the upcoming NSW state election

If we want the Fight Stroke campaign to be successful, we need to get the Government to listen. Writing to your MP might sound daunting, but remember they are your representative so they will be keen to hear about the issues that affect you.

Stroke programs have been underfunded for many years despite the enormous needs of people with stroke. This is impacting on the lives of thousands of Australians and you can help to change this.

Contact your local Federal Member of Parliament and tell them why you believe they need to do more for stroke. You should include:

  1. Who you are and why you care about stroke
  2. It’s not good enough for stroke to be ignored the way it has
  3. It’s time to give stroke the attention and funding it deserves
  4. Australian Governments need to provide funding for national action on stroke. See more at: Tackling a rising tide - Real solutions to reduce stroke's impact.

Here are some examples of what other Fight Stroke supporters have written

How to contact them

To find your MP, enter your postcode: Stroke in your electorate.

This will then provide you with the name and contact details for your Federal MP.

Click on their email address and a new email, addressed to them, should pop up. Write your email in here and then click send. We will automatically receive a copy.

If you are sending the letter by post, please let us know you have sent it. We would like to keep track of how many MPs have been contacted. We would also love to hear if you get a response from them.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or would like help writing your letter. Our email address is