Reg Hyndman

May 25, 2016

I was a carer for my wife who suffered a massive haemorrhagic stroke in the basel ganglia section of the brain in 2006. My wife was very fortunately the beneficiary of some exceptional medical and physiotherapy professionals at St. George Public Hospital. I believe that so many of the other patients in the stroke ward were not so fortunate in receiving such prolonged treatment. I can only assume that my wife's stubborn determination to overcome this debilitating affliction, her positive attitude and the successful outcome as a consequence, encouraged the professionals to continue to work with my wife. We were so grateful for their time and compassion in our instance while at the same time being aware that others were not so fortunate.

My wife was the second person taken on by the newly formed Transition Team which was just brilliant and so necessary. The only complaint that I had; and it is a serious one but nevertheless in no way a reflection on the Hospital or its staff; was that due to a very high demand at the time my wife was brought to the emergency ward, she was in the ambulance queue for a very long time which would have exacerbated the damage being done to the brain. This is the reason I would advocate for upgrading of all hospital emergency departments as has occurred at St. George Hospital recently.