Frequently asked questions

How do I nominate someone for a Stroke Award?

Nominating someone for a Stroke Award is a simple process which can be completed online or via a hardcopy form

online nomination

We recommend you write up and save your answer as a Word document rather than drafting your nomination directly into the online form. We also recommend you save your work regularly – there is nothing worse than getting halfway through working on your nomination and having your computer shut down. Saving frequently saves you the heartache of having to re-write your nomination. Once you are happy with it, copy and paste in into the nomination form.

Is there a guide to completing the application?

Yes, download our nomination tips and tricks guide to help you with your nomination.

Can I include additional information to the nomination form?

Absolutely! If there are supporting documents that you feel will help us better understand why your nominee deserves to win a Stroke Award. You can attach supporting materials to your online nomination or email This is particularly important if you are entering someone into the Creative category. Examples of someone’s artwork or music really helps our judges to make a decision. 

Can I nominate someone for more than one category?

A nominee can only be a finalist in one category so it is important you choose the category they are most likely to do well in. Decide which category best suits your nominee. Are they an amazing health professional working in stroke? Nominate them for the Stroke Care Champion category. Are they a stroke survivor who has just gone back to work after a tough recovery? Nominate them for the Courage Award. 

My nominee was a finalist last year – can I nominate them in this year’s award?

Yes, you can either nominate them for the same category they were a finalist in a previous year or nominate them for a different category. Previous winners are ineligible in the category they were successful in previous years, but can be nominated in a different category. 

I know an amazing person working in stroke care but they live overseas. Can I nominate them for a stroke award?

Unfortunately we cannot accept nominations for people living overseas for the Stroke Awards. 

I live overseas, can I nominate someone for a Stroke Award?

As long as your nominee lives in Australia you can nominate them for a Stroke Award.

When do nominations close and will late nominations be accepted?

Nominations for the 2016 Stroke Awards close on 31 May 2016. Generally we will not accept late submissions, however if there are exceptional reasons why you are unable to submit your nomination by the closing date let us know and we will make a decision based on your individual circumstances. 

Will I receive confirmation that my nomination has been received?

If you make a nomination online you will receive an automatic email confirmation that your nomination has been received. If you have completed a hardcopy form and either emailed or posted it to us you can email us to confirm it has been received.

I nominated someone online but didn’t receive an email confirmation.

If you didn’t receive confirmation of your nomination we recommend you email us to confirm it was received. We may not be able to accept your nomination after the closing date so it is important you get in touch with us if you think there may have been an issue. You may also need to check your spam folder for any messages from the Stroke Foundation.

Will my nominee be told they have been nominated for the Stroke Awards?

Yes, the Stroke Foundation will email all nominees and nominators to notify them that they have been entered into the Stroke Awards once the nomination period has closed. Please note we use the email address you enter in the nomination form so it is important the contact details you provide are correct. We also encourage you to let your nominee know you have recognised their outstanding achievements by nominating them for a Stroke Award. 

Who judges the Stroke Awards?

The Stroke Awards are judged by an esteemed panel of corporate leaders, celebrity stroke advocates, stroke experts and previous winners. The judges for the 2016 Stroke Awards will be announced soon so keep an eye on our website in the coming months.

When will finalists be announced? 

The 2016 Stroke Awards finalists will be announced by the end of July. 

When will winners be announced?

The winner of the Stroke Care Champion Award will be announced at the Asia Pacific Stroke Conference on 15-17 July. The other categories will be announced during August. Presentation ceremonies will be held in most states and territories. All nominees and nominators will be notified of the winners. 

Is there a review process?

No, the Stroke Foundation and Stroke Awards judges’ decisions are final.

My nominee has been named a finalist, can I attend an award ceremony?

All award finalists will be invited to attend an award ceremony closest to where they live. If your nominee has been named a finalist and you would like to see them be presented with an award we encourage you to contact us to find out more about the relevant presentation ceremony for your nominee. 

More questions?

Is there a question we haven’t answered? Get in touch by emailing or calling 03 9918 7000.