Adam Mate interview

What does it mean to you to be named a finalist in the Stroke Awards?

Being named a finalist in the Stroke Awards means that my message has been heard by people, therefore awareness and prevention has improved.

Why is supporting stroke survivors important to you?

Surviving a stroke provided many challenges, the most important being how to enjoy your second chance of life on a daily basis.

How do you think your contribution has made a difference? 

Raising awareness about stroke prevention and survival provides me an opportunity to have a purpose and fulfilment, especially when you cannot gain employment.

What motivated your efforts to work with the stroke community?

To make the most of my life with what I have. 
What is one thing you would like people to know about stroke? 
Having a stroke “sucks” but it is not the end, just the beginning of a lot of new challenges ---- so prevention is a much better option.