Tips for your nomination

Pick the right category

Decide which category best suits your nominee. Are they a stroke survivor who has just gone back to work after a tough recovery? Nominate them for the Courage Award. Remember a nominee can only be a finalist in one category so it is important you choose the category they are most likely to do well in.

Stand out from the crowd

One of the keys to writing a successful nomination is to capture the judges’ attention. A great way to stand out is to emphasise how the nominee:

  • Has gone above and beyond.
  • Has done things differently.
  • Has shown passion and dedication.

Give examples

Try to include as much information and as many practical examples as possible in your nomination. We recommend writing at least 100 words for each of the questions on the nomination form. It can be helpful to attach supporting documents, for example if you are nominating a photographer either email us or attach examples of their work. If you are nominating someone for the Improving life After Stroke Award try to give concrete examples of how your nominee is making a difference.

Save your nomination

We recommend you write up and save your answer as a Word document rather than drafting your nomination directly into the form. Once you are happy with it, copy and paste it into the nomination form.

Get someone to proofread your nomination

While judges won’t worry about incorrect spelling or grammar, having someone to read over your nomination can ensure that it is easy to understand, flows well and that it addresses the nomination questions and criteria.

Contact us to ask for help

The Stroke Awards team is happy to help if you get stuck with your nomination. We can’t write your nomination for you, but we can share some advice about what can make a successful nomination.

For more information email or call 03 9918 1000