ABBPC Annual Reports

In 2018 the program delivered more than 500,000 free health checks on SiSU Health Stations in more than 400 community settings across Australia including workplaces, pharmacies and events.

The data, collected from the SiSU Health Stations in 2018 highlighted 15 percent of all Australians tested had high blood pressure. More than 80 percent of people with high blood pressure did not know this prior to their health check and were referred to their doctor for furthr advice.

In positive news, data from Australia’s Biggest Blood Pressure Check showed a 60 percent reduction in high blood pressure in people who have had more than one health check over time. This indicates, with knowledge, Australians will take action and change is possible.

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2018 Australia's Biggest Blood Pressure Check Annual Report

2017 Australia's Biggest Blood Pressure Check Annual Report