Richard Haley

Richard was living in country West Australia when he had a stroke. Fortunately, he was promptly sent to Fremantle Hospital and received clot-busting medication. A series of additional strokes followed. Whilst in this critical condition, Richard was transferred to Royal Perth Hospital and underwent a clot retrieval procedure that saved his life.

“I used to think it was luck, but I have since realised that I am very fortunate to have survived stroke. The reason I am still here today is because everyone made the right decisions and acted fast” he said.

Stroke is a blood clot or bleed in the brain that starves brain cells of oxygen and causes parts of the brain to die. Stroke is a leading cause of death and serious disability, with one in six people suffering from a stroke in their lifetime – a third of whom die from it.

Richard is one of the lucky ones – he survived and with intensive rehabilitation he has made a good recovery. He is calling for community members to join the fight against stroke by becoming StrokeSafe.

“It means a lot to be able raise awareness of how to prevent and recognise the signs of stroke. As someone who has lived through stroke I want to prevent it happening to others.

“I had to learn to speak, walk and even hold a cup after my stroke. It wasn’t easy. If I can prevent this from happening to anyone else, well it’s the least I can do”, he said.