Stroke resources for students and researchers


Stroke in Australia - No postcode untouched 

National Stroke Foundation 2014 

Report contains federal electorate breakdowns of key information including the number of strokes, the scale of death from stroke, the number of people living with the effect of stroke and the number of people who live at risk of stroke. 

Stroke and its management in Australia: an update 

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2013 

The latest data on stroke and how it is managed in Australia. It examines the impact of stroke on patients, their carers, the health system and aged care services. It includes information on incidence, prevalence, hospitalisation, disability, treatment and deaths. The report also examines trends and inequalities in stroke and its management in Australia; and makes international comparisons; and identifies data gaps. 

The economic impact of stroke in Australia (Deloitte Report) 

National Stroke Foundation 2013 

Incidence and prevalence, financial costs and burden of disease costs, cost effective interventions.

National Action plan for stroke 

National Stroke Foundation 2012 

Proposed policy solutions that will improve the lives of Australians who are at risk of or who suffer from a stroke. 

Fight Stroke – Call to Action 

National Stroke Foundation 2012 

Stroke survivors and carers call for a better response to post-stroke needs. 

The needs of stroke survivors in Australia 

National Stroke Foundation 2013 

Report on a survey into the needs of Australian stroke survivors, to better understand personal needs relating to their stroke and how well these needs are being met.

Audit reports 

These National Stroke Foundation reports detail the results of the biennial audit and organisational survey of stroke services in Australia. 

National Stroke Audit – Acute Services

National Stroke Audit – Rehabilitation Services

Guidelines and frameworks 

These guidelines and frameworks support the delivery and monitoring of best practice stroke care across Australia. 

Clinical Guidelines for Stroke Management

National Stroke Services Framework 

Assessment for rehabilitation pathway and decision-making tool 

Guidelines for the Assessment and Management of Absolute CVD Risk 2012


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