The National Stroke Foundation assists GPs, Divisions of General Practice, Medicare Locals and other interested bodies to deliver ‘The Best Care Guide to Stroke Management in General Practice’ by providing administration support for the promotion, registration and evaluation of the activity. We also produce and distribute attendance certificates and complete all RACGP requirements to ensure participants receive QI&CPD points.

If you would like to deliver ‘The Best Care Guide to Stroke Management in General Practice’, please contact Kelvin Hill email:, or by phone on 03 9670 1000 or 1300 194 196 to request the presentation kit.

The kit comprises a resource CD with the PowerPoint slide presentations, the Facilitator’s Guide, attendance list templates, predisposing and reinforcing activities for the ALM, evaluation forms and GP feedback to RACGP forms.

The Facilitator’s Guide includes instructions for running the activities and detailed notes for each of the presentation slides. Please note that all slides and discussion points are optional depending on the needs of the audience. The modules should be delivered by a stroke specialist and you will need to identify a speaker and inform us who is delivering the modules.

Important notes

  • When promoting this activity, you must make participants aware of the learning objectives prior to the activity. Please include the learning objectives on any promotional materials you create for the workshop.
  • If presenting this activity as an ALM, each module must take at least 1.5 hours for a total of 6 hours of educational activity.
  • If presenting any of the modules individually as a Category 2 activity, each module must last 2 hours.
  • If presenting this activity as an ALM, please ensure participants receive the predisposing activity at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • If presenting the activity as an ALM, please distribute the reinforcing activity at the end of the last module and ensure participants follow the instructions.
  • You must give all participants an evaluation form and a ‘GP feedback to RACGP’ form, which is only used to report adverse feedback.
  • You must return the predisposing activity, attendance list and evaluation forms to the National Stroke Foundation to ensure that we can process QI&CPD points for participants.
Note: Please ensure participants complete the attendance list and include their full name and QI&CPD number. If this information is incomplete, we will be unable to upload the attendance list and they will not receive QI&CPD points

  • We will upload attendance lists to the RACGP and issue attendance or completion certificates, depending on the mode of delivery.
  • Attendance certificates are issued if you deliver the modules individually to form an ALM.
  • Completion certificates are issued if you deliver a module as a Category 2 activity or if you deliver all four modules on the same day as an ALM.

For more information, please contact Kelvin Hill email: or by phone on 03 9670 1000 or 1300 194 196.