Lifestyle modification resources

We created a range of educational resources to help support the delivery of best-practice lifestyle modification advice as outlined in the Clinical Guidelines for Stroke Management.

‘Motivational interviewing for lifestyle change after stroke’ – A live presentation on the spirit and methodology of motivational interviewing (MI) by Dr Stan Steindl

Lifestyle Modification Discussion Guide 2012– A practical guide to help you discuss lifestyle change with stroke survivors. It includes information about stroke risk, the Guidelines recommendations and motivational interviewing tips.

Meaningful patient engagement 2012 – A handout designed to help you structure patient interactions and provide patient-centred care from an MI perspective. It includes the 5As and 4Es frameworks and tables to help you easily put them to use.

Documenting lifestyle modification advice 2012– A handout offering useful advice on documenting lifestyle modification advice.

Help lower stroke risk A3 poster – An A3 poster that provides information about the risk of secondary stroke, the Guideline recommendations and tips on how to reduce your patient’s risk of a second stroke.

Secondary stroke prevention addressing lifestyle risk factors 2012 – A PowerPoint presentation that can be used for self-directed education or as part of an in-service for the stroke team. It contains slides on secondary stroke risk, lifestyle risk factors, the Guidelines recommendations for addressing lifestyle risk factors, results from the National Stroke Audit, and motivational interviewing and documentation information. There are a range of activities throughout to ensure discussion.

We encourage you to print these materials and share them with your colleagues.