Post-graduate qualifications

The National Stroke Foundation recognises the specialist skills and knowledge needed to provide evidence based stroke care. One way of gaining professional development is to complete post graduate training specific to stroke. There are only a few opportunities for stroke specific training currently available. Listing courses is merely for information and does not constitute endorsement.

University of Newcastle 

The University of Newcastle offers two postgraduate educational pathways that are stroke specific. They are a Masters and Graduate Certificate of Health Sciences with a stroke specialisation stream. Both programs are designed to meet the demands of busy health professionals who are looking to increase their academic credentialing in stroke management.

All courses are fully on-line with no face-to-face commitments. Students can individualise their studies by enrolling in either February or July, completing courses in the order that works best and selecting electives from a vast array of courses relating to public health issues, biostatistics, health research, health promotion, chronic disease management and social health. The part-time structure of both programs recognise that most students will be working full-time.

To find out more go to for information about the Masters information and for information about the Graduate Certificate.

Flinders University

Flinders University offers two topics that relate to stroke in our post-graduate, multidisciplinary programs in Clinical Rehabilitation. These topics are; REHB8033 Stroke Rehabilitation (4.5 units) REHB8026 Early Rehabilitation Following Stroke (4.5 units). Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters Programs in Clinical Rehabilitation are offered. There is also new neurological streams in Neurological Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. More information can be found at or contact