eStroke e-learning platform

Now owned by the Stroke Foundation, e-Stroke has been designed to deliver the most relevant educational training modules for stroke health professionals in an immediate and convenient platform.

e-Stroke provides critical, evidence-based, peer-reviewed educational training modules for health professionals new to the stroke discipline and the site has now been updated and enhanced by new and interactive training for nursing and allied health professionals.

Dr Lalor said the free, online, e-Stroke training programs would provide ongoing professional development support to people working in the field of stroke, particularly those who are new to stroke care or who are from rural areas where access to stroke specific education is limited.

“e-Stroke has now nearly doubled the number of free, evidence-based online learning courses on offer,” she said.

In keeping with the flexible nature of online learning, Dr Lalor said health professionals could create a personal profile that allowed them to return to their online courses at any time after an interruption.

“We understand health professionals are busy and e-Stroke is designed to make professional development accessible and relevant.”

The new self-paced courses provide entertaining and interactive online learning to improve stroke education and outcomes.

The online educational platform was first developed by the Victorian Stroke Clinical Network in partnership with the Stroke Society of Australasia and developers Eye Media.

In taking over management of the site the stroke foundation aims to expand the site to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for education and clinical resources for stroke clinicians.

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