AuSCR partnerships

Australian Stroke Clinical Registry (AuSCR)

The Stroke Foundation strongly advocates for routine data collection processes to monitor quality of care and guide quality improvement interventions for stroke. We are pleased to be one of the four partners of the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry (AuSCR), which also includes:
AuSCR collects data from participating hospitals across Australia using an online tool. Hospitals can use the online tool to:
  • Store their patients’ data
  • Provide clinicians with downloadable reports summarising their patients’ data
  • Export their data for local analyses
  • Provide annual performance reviews, newsletters and publications

The data is used to guide quality improvement interventions in hospitals, reduce variations in care delivery and, ultimately, provide evidence of reduced deaths, disability and recurrent stroke. AuSCR will help organisations ensure best practice stroke care in Australia.

To access AuSCR, you need to be a registered participating hospital with approved log-in access. Please contact if you would like to participate. AuSCR staff are available on 1800 673 053 during AEST business hours.

Stroke Foundation contact: Justine Watkins