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Australian Stroke Coalition


The Australian Stroke Coalition (ASC) was established by the Stroke Foundation and the Stroke Society of Australasia (SSA) on 11 July, 2008. The Coalition brings together representatives from groups and organisations working in the stroke field, such as clinical networks and professional associations/colleges. This group will work together to tackle agreed priorities to improve stroke care, reduce duplication amongst groups and strengthen the voice for stroke care at a national and state level.

ASC aims

The ASC provides a critical communication link between relevant organisations and their members regarding stroke care in Australia. The coalition aims are to:

1. Identify and act on opportunities to work collectively in areas which are a priority for each of us

2. Ensure there is effective communication to facilitate our individual and collective efforts.

3. Identify and promote the adoption of effective, evidence based stroke service delivery models

Past and current priority areas for the ASC are:

1. Rehabilitation

2. Community (previously long-term recovery and support)

3. Workforce, training and professional development

4. Data and quality improvement

The ASC is chaired by a representative from the SSA and the Stroke Foundation, and meets face to face bi-annually.