Fundraise at school

Fundraising at school is fun and everyone loves to get involved. Your school fundraiser can be as big or small as you like. Why not get the whole school involved, it’s a great way to bring everyone together for the fantastic cause of fighting stroke. Remember, kids have strokes too, so it’s important for everyone to know the signs of stroke and how they can help.

There are so many fun ideas to choose from - uniform free days, sponsored run, Market Stall, BBQs, be the Principal for the day – the list is endless!

Be inspired

When their teacher broke the news that one of her friends had suffered a stroke the VCAL students at CRC Melton School knew they wanted to do something to show their support.

Their teacher Jo Clinton says “My VCAL students raised $235 by doing a sausage sizzle at school. They did this in support of my best friend who had a stroke. They wanted to show their support for my friend (and for me as their teacher). It was really touching to see a group of kids jump on board of something so close to me.

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How to register

The process of registering your fundraiser with the Stroke Foundation is so simple, whether you want to fundraise and share your event online or use more traditional methods. All we need is some basic contact details and information about your event, and a member of the National Stroke Foundation team will be in touch.

Step 1 
Bring your school’s fundraising idea to life. here’s some ideas to get you started:

A-Z of fundraising ideas

Step 2
If you’re not quite sure how to start, check out our Community Fundraising Information booklet or if you would like to speak with us first, call the Community Fundraising team on (03) 9670 1000.

Step 3

Register. It’s quick and simple to do it online. You get your own personalised fundraising page to share with your school community.

Register here 

Need help? Call the Community Fundraising team on (03) 9670 1000.

If you’re not sure about online fundraising, simply complete this registration form and send it to our Community Fundraising team or give the team a call.

Step 4
Go for it! Get excited, have fun and share the message that together we can fight stroke and win.


We know how much hard work goes into planning a successful fundraiser, so we have created a bunch of great resources to make things as easy as we can for you. After you have registered your fundraiser remember to download all the resources below. Remember, we are here to support you, so if these resources don't answer your fundraising questions or you would like more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.