Life changes: Has your Will changed too?

There are many times in life when a change of circumstances necessitates the updating of your Will. For peace of mind, many estate lawyers recommend that you review your Will every five years.

It is timely to review your Will if:

  • A major life change has occurred in your family, such as the birth of a child.
  • A beneficiary named in your Will passes away.
  • You marry or become separated or divorced.
  • Your financial circumstances change significantly.

We know thinking about death and what will happen after we are gone is uncomfortable. But it is important. Take the time now and write or update your Will to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

With that in mind, we have prepared the following checklist which might help you. If your answers to any of the questions cause uncertainty, please seek legal assistance to write or update your Will. This will avoid the risk of your hard-earned money and belongings being distributed according to the rules of the State rather than your heartfelt wishes.

 Gift in wills life changes checklist