Where the funds go

As a supporter, you are saving lives by helping us to prevent, treat and beat stroke.  And it’s the thousands of everyday Australians that are the driving force behind fighting stroke. 

You are helping to provide real services, post-stroke support and drive innovations to reduce the impact of stroke in Australia.  Here’s just some of the activities you make happen:


Blood Pressure Check

As a supporter, you are saving lives by:

  • Delivering free health checks – more than 400,000 in the past two years alone with nearly 100,000 Australians found to be at risk and sent to their doctor for a full check.
  • Bringing the pressure down by staging Australia’s Biggest Blood Pressure Check each year to raise awareness and provide free checks. High blood pressure is a leading cause of stroke and the only way you know you have high blood pressure is to get checked.
  • Presenting StrokeSafe education sessions to community groups, social groups and workplaces around Australia.


Hospital equipment

You’re delivering front-line support to our health professionals working in stroke like: 

  • Giving them a one-stop-shop tool – – to find everything they need to know to treat stroke.
  • Training them in the latest treatments and best practices and sharing the best treatment ideas so more stroke survivors can benefit.
  • Setting guidelines and standards for stroke care and developing programs to improve hospital practices.
  • Campaigning for more fully staffed and equipped stroke services across Australia.
  • Giving a voice to the needs and fears of stroke survivors so that their needs are always at the centre of delivering treatment programs.


For stroke survivors, your vital support is:

  • Giving them My Stroke Journey – a structured recovery program from hospital to rehabilitation and post-rehab. Developed by the Stroke Foundation, it’s already being delivered by more than 300 hospitals nationally.
  • Distributing fact sheets, recovery advice, videos and referrals to friends and family craving information after the shock of a stroke.
  • Connecting stroke survivors with their local care services when they arrive home plus provide the reassurance of ongoing advice from our StrokeLine health professionals (1800 STROKE).
  • Bringing together an online stroke community at where stroke survivors, their families and carers can share their stories, concerns and inspirations on their long journey of recovery.


stroke ambulance

  • Kick-starting new stroke research through our research grants that aim to spark the next big innovation in beating stroke.
  • Designing and building Australia’s first Stroke Ambulance – equipped with a mobile scanner to speed up diagnosis and treatment. It’s also a mobile research station to assess patient outcomes after faster treatment.
  • Bringing together teams to collaborate on local and international research projects. We support the development, analysis and funding of multi-discipline research projects that will improve stroke treatment and hopefully beat stroke all together.
  • Ensuring the needs of stroke survivors are front of mind for the health professionals delivering their care.

How we spend your donation on programs

Pie chart showing spending on programs

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