SiSU Wellness

About our partnership

We’re delighted to partner with SiSU Wellness to help more Australians access a free SiSU Wellness health check to measure, track and improve their health.

Every health check done using a SiSU Wellness health check station will contribute to Australia’s Biggest Blood Pressure Check.

About our partner

SiSU Wellness is an Australian owned business that was founded in 2012 by Dr Noel Duncan.

SiSU Wellness is focused on helping every single person become their best self and live better. Making a positive and powerful difference to the health of our society. As a leading provider of end-to-end health management across Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe; we’re committed to providing a service that allows the community to measure, track and improve their health.

We provide SiSU Health Stations to organisations that wish to encourage their customers, employees and wider community to get involved in their health. We also offer digital programs through our SiSU Portal that provides comprehensive and personalised support. A health xheck on the SiSU Health Station is free and provides measurable biometric results, to help everyone achieve their lifestyle goals.

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