The Matty G story

At 26 years old Matty was fit and healthy. He was surfing and running five kilometres most days when his world turned upside down.

He suffered a stroke one morning while getting up for work and was extremely lucky his girlfriend Erin stepped in to help. She stopped him going back to sleep and got him to hospital quickly.

He said after the stroke his emotions were going crazy.

“I really didn’t want anybody to see me in the state I was in. Erin and I had just bought land and instead of looking forward to that I was constantly questioning whether or not I was going to be walking again, let alone working again. I had never felt so vulnerable both physically and mentally in my life.”

But that all changed quickly. He described the support he received as ‘next level’ and said it inspired him to get better and become a better version of himself.

“I would like to thank my girlfriend Ez, friends, family, work colleagues, footy clubs, nurses, physios, doctors and other patients in the hospital for believing in me and going above and beyond with their support.

“You're all a bunch of legends and I have always known how lucky I am to have such beautiful people in my life, Matty said.

“I read a statistic on the Stroke Foundation website that said stroke kills more women each year than breast cancer and kills more men than prostate cancer and is the leading cause for disability. It didn’t dawn on me how serious stroke really was and how lucky I am to be where I am today.”

As part of his recovery, Matty set a goal to complete a five kilometre run just four months after his stroke.

“I want to complete this run for all the stroke survivors, for everyone that has helped, believed and supported me and to prove to myself that I am going to get back to where I want to be,” he said.

“I have created this fundraising page because I want to make a difference, give a bit back and raise money for the Stroke Foundation.

“I dedicate my fundraising to the people who haven’t been as fortunate as myself and also to the forgotten family members and close friends who are affected by watching their loved ones suffer.”


Visit Matty's Do It 4 Stroke page