Students rally together to show their support

When their teacher broke the news that one of her friends had suffered a stroke the VCAL students at CRC Melton School knew they wanted to do something to show their support.


Their teacher Jo Clinton says “My VCAL students raised $235 by doing a sausage sizzle at school. They did this in support of my best friend who had a stroke. They wanted to show their support for my friend (and for me as their teacher). It was really touching to see a group of kids jump on board of something so close to me.

Janelle, my friend, is still in recovery and requires an operation on an aneurism found in her brain. She can't work and has brain damage that has affected her short term memory. Her recovery will be a long one but she is very strong willed and won't let this beat her. 

They are an amazing group of kids who worked tirelessly to get this fundraiser up and running for such a worthy cause. ”