Contact your Tasmanian MP

Be heard – help bridge the divide ensuring a better plan for stroke

Be heard this state election!

Tasmanians are among Australians at highest risk of stroke and are also likely to suffer some of the poorest outcomes due to treatment and care lagging behind the rest of Australia.

It is unacceptable.

The next Tasmanian Government has an opportunity to deliver a better health plan, improve access to stroke treatment and support in our state so more patients survive, avoid disability and recover.

The Stroke Foundation is calling on the next Tasmanian Government to commit to action that will save lives and we need your help.

We are louder together.

Why is it important?

#fightstroke advocates are vital to raising the profile of stroke in the community and government. You are essential to creating the change needed to prevent, treat and beat stroke!

Remember, candidates are competing to represent you. They want to hear from you.

Read our Tasmanian Election Platform here

How to be heard?

There are several ways to have your say in the lead up to the March election:

Do one or all of the above, the most important thing is to take advantage of this opportunity to have your say and ask what your candidates will do for stroke, what will they do to represent you?

Below is a guide to assist in making contact. Remember candidates want to know the issues important to you and how best they can make a difference in the community.

If you have questions about below, have a great idea to make contact with a candidate but aren’t quite sure about it or just need a little extra help, get in touch with the Stroke Foundation team.

We want to empower you, email or call 03 9670 1000.

Who are the candidates in my area and how can I contact them?

A list of current sitting members can be found here and a list of all this years’ election candidates will be available soon.

Organise a meeting

Phone, email or write to your local candidates and request a meeting. Keep in mind election periods and their lead up are hectic and candidates are busy people. Even if you don’t get the meeting your request is noted and helps raise awareness of stroke in the community.                                 

Suggested text


Subject: Meeting request: Bridging the stroke divide

I am a local [electorate/suburb] resident and I am writing to ask your party’s plan to address stroke in Tasmania? As a voter I would like to meet and discuss the looming stroke challenge in our community. I am among those directly impacted by the devastation caused by this, largely preventable and treatable disease.

This state election, I am joining with the Stroke Foundation in calling on the next Tasmanian Government to commit to action that will save lives. Tasmanians, are among Australians at highest risk of stroke and are also more likely to die or be left with ongoing disabilities because treatment and care in our state is not good enough.

Tasmanians deserve a better plan for stroke and the next State Government has an opportunity to bridge the stroke divide.

As you may be aware the Stroke Foundations’ election platform outlines five modest proposals that if implemented will address known gaps in stroke care in Tasmania. These include:

  • FAST community action to reduce stroke and speed up treatment
  • Tasmanian Telestroke Network and Endovascular Service
  • A new stroke unit at North West Regional Hospital in Burnie
  • Tasmanian Stroke Patient Follow Up service
  • A better plan for stroke treatment and care in Tasmania

[Candidate], we need a better health system for the thousands of Tasmanians who will suffer a stroke this year and their families.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

[Insert your full name

Insert your address

Insert your phone number]

Letter / Email Tips:

  • Please consider personalising the text we have provided to you
  • If you've been touched by stroke personally include a reference to that in the email, if a particular element of the election platform is important to you, emphasise that.
  • If you need help contact the Stroke Foundation team on or call 03 9670 1000

Door-knocking/at the local supermarket

Political candidates are everywhere during the election. You might see them at the local supermarket, at the community centre, they may even come to your door. This is a great opportunity to raise the issue of stroke in Tasmania.

Remember that your candidate wants to represent you, they want to know what is important to you and they want you to know what they are going to do for the local community.

Suggested conversation:

My name is [Insert name], and I am a stroke survivor.

Did you know Tasmanians are among Australians at highest risk of stroke?

We are also more likely to die or be left with ongoing disabilities because stroke treatment and care in our state is not good enough.

There must be a better plan for stroke. The next State Government has an opportunity to give all Tasmanians access to the best in stroke treatment and bridge the divide.

What is your party doing?

Attend a local community event and ask your candidates a question

Candidates are everywhere during election periods. It is likely there will be a local community forum near you. Forums are designed to enable community members to speak directly to candidates and provide candidates an opportunity to speak directly to the community.

Pop along and have your say.

Begin by:

  1. Find out who your local member is and which party candidates are running in this year’s 2018 Tasmanian State Election. Please click here to find out all candidates details.
  2. Find out where and when a local community forum is taking place. This may be advertised on the local neighbourhood notice board outside a shopping centre, on the Eventbrite webpage, in the local paper or on a candidates Facebook page.

    Don’t worry, if you are having trouble finding the forum near you contact the Stroke Foundation team and we can help or call 03 9670 1000.

  3. Go along and ask a question.  

    For example,

    My name is [Insert name], and I am a stroke survivor. What is your party doing to [Insert question]

    1. ‘Raising awareness of the signs of stroke and ensuring every household in Tasmania know what FAST stands for?’
    2. ‘Ensuring all Tasmanians have access to time critical treatment?’
    3. ‘Invest in improving state-wide quality of stroke treatment and care?’

Social Media

Social media allows you to connect with your politicians in a short informal way. It is quick, timely and issues an immediate alert.

  • Find your MP on Facebook or Twitter and keep an eye on what they’re posting. If they mention health related issues, that’s a good opportunity to send a message.
  • Use social media to call on your MP to take action on stroke care in Tasmania, remember that it’s a short form of communication so keep to your key point.
  • Need some ideas? Check out your social media pack here.