Advocate in Tasmania

Stroke changed Jake and Sidney’s lives in an instant.

Jake Vincent was just 22 when he suffered a stroke in March 2020.

As Jake was getting ready for bed, after a night out with friends and he experienced a sudden, throbbing headache. His girlfriend Sidney woke, and saw that Jake had a facial droop, was unable to move the left side of his body and was slurring his words.

Sidney remembered the F.A.S.T. signs of stroke that her Grandma Dot had taught her as a child and called an ambulance immediately.

Jake and Sidney are joining Stroke Foundation in calling on the next Tasmanian Government to turn the tide on stroke.

Jake is a finalist in the national Stroke Awards 2021 in the Volunteer of the Year category. Jake delivers StrokeSafe talks to community groups in Tasmania, educating others about stroke, and how to prevent it. Jake has also provided insight into the survivor of stroke experience as a hospital consumer consultant, supported other survivors and shared his experience of stroke in the media.

Saturday 1 May 2021 marks the Tasmanian election and Stroke Foundation is asking all candidates to commit to action to help more Tasmanians to avoid, survive and live well after stroke.


State of Stroke in Tasmania

  • 665 Tasmanians experienced a stroke for the first time in 2020.
  • 11,242 survivors of stroke living in the community.
  • 217 Tasmanians lost their lives to stroke in 2020.

Stroke risk in Tasmania

  • Overweight and obesity: 306,000
  • High blood pressure: 116,100
  • Daily smoking: 67,000
  • No physical activity: 80,700

What's needed in Tasmania

Stroke Foundation is calling for the next Tasmanian Government to take the next steps in helping Tasmanians avoid, survive, and live well after stroke.

Proposal 1:

Implement a Stroke Foundation ‘Living Well in our Community’ Program in Tasmania.

This Program will enable stroke risk to be detected early, and will deliver education and support for behaviour change, to help Tasmanians stay healthy.

Result: Tasmanians will be empowered to stay well, lessen their risk of developing stroke or recurrent stroke, and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions, delivering savings to our health system and economy.

Proposal 2:

Deliver a Stroke Foundation F.A.S.T. Multimedia Education Campaign.

This campaign will support and strengthen the work of the current Tasmanian F.A.S.T. Community

Education Program, and the Tasmanian Stroke Telemedicine Service, providing vital health messages about stroke.

Result: More Tasmanians knowing the signs of stroke and the importance of calling triple zero (000) immediately, and accessing emergency stroke treatment.

Proposal 3:

Support the world-leading Living Evidence initiative.

Building on the success of the ‘Living Evidence’ Phase One pilot project, and enabling the ‘living’ approach for the Clinical Guidelines for Stroke Management to continue to be refined, and evolve, increasing the utility of these guidelines for clinicians.

Result: Equipping Tasmanian stroke clinicians with accessible, up to date, evidence-based guidance for stroke management, driving quality improvement in treatment and care across the state.

Proposal 4

Deliver a dedicated Stroke Unit at three major Tasmanian public hospitals.

Ensuring all Tasmanians have access to the best in stroke treatment and care close to home.

How to advocate with us

You can help Tasmanians avoid, survive, and live well after stroke by contacting your local members of parliament and candidates, asking them to commit to the next steps in stroke prevention, treatment and care.

Contacting your local MP or candidate can be daunting. But it’s important to remember that they want to represent you; they want to know what's important to you.

1. Find contact details of your local election candidates on the Tasmanian Electoral Commission website.

2. Write to (or call) your local MP and candidates.

You can use our email template and sample phone script.

Do you want help advocating with us?

If you'd like more information or help on advocating with us, contact or call 03 9670 1000.

Stroke Foundation is registered charity, an independent, bipartisan and evidence-based organisation. All advocacy activities are carried out in-line with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Guidelines.