Stroke changed Rodney and Kelly’s lives in an instant.

Rodney was working on his dairy farm, 20 kilometres outside Busselton, Western Australia (WA) when stroke struck in 2016. Kelly found Rodney on the floor with a facial droop and slurred speech. Kelly called triple zero (000) immediately, and they were transported to hospital in Bunbury.

From Bunbury, Rodney was eventually transported to Perth. It was two days before a specialist explained that Rodney had suffered a stroke.

The Oates family is joining Stroke Foundation in calling on the next WA Government to step up for stroke.

Saturday 13 March 2021 marks the WA election and Stroke Foundation is asking all candidates to commit to action to help more Western Australians avoid, survive and live well after stroke.

How to advocate with us Responses from political parties

What's needed in WA

Proposal 1:

Continue and expand the successful F.A.S.T. (Face, Arms, Speech, and Time) Community Education Program supporting the WA Telestroke Service.

Expanding the established F.A.S.T. Community Education Program and tailoring to our state’s regional and rural communities. The program would support the rollout of the WA Telestroke Service providing vital health messages about stroke.

Investment: $100,000 per annum for four years.

Result: More at-risk Western Australians avoiding stroke and accessing emergency stroke treatment. This includes Aboriginal people and those living in regional areas of our state.

Proposal 2:

StrokeLink – Using data and expertise to drive better healthcare for all Western Australians.

Delivering world-class stroke treatment and care to all. StrokeLink will support our health professionals to close gaps between best-practice guidelines and practice.

Investment: $200,000 per annum for four years.

Result: Supporting WA hospital staff to access best-practice quality improvement and deliver better access to high quality stroke treatment and care, giving Western Australians the opportunity to survive and live well after stroke.

Proposal 3:

Stroke unit at Bunbury Regional Hospital.

Delivering Western Australians living in the South West the best in stroke treatment and care close to home.

  • 2,706 Western Australians experienced a stroke for the first time in 2020.
  • 43,634 survivors of stroke living in the community.
  • 816 Western Australians lost their lives to stroke in 2020.

  • Stroke Foundation is calling for the next WA Government to take the next steps in helping Western Australians avoid, survive and live well after stroke.

Here’s what the political parties have said.

Responses to Stroke Foundation's WA election platform:

WA Labor said:

“Decisions on future models of health care forming part of the [Bunbury Hospital] redevelopment, including consideration of a future Stroke Unit for Bunbury, have not been finalised but those decisions are expected later this year.” Read WA Labor's full statement

The Greens WA stated:

“The principles of The Greens (WA) Health policy are consistent with the proposals outlined in the Stroke Foundation’s platform... We support greater investment in prevention and public health education strategies [and]... would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your proposal to establish a stroke unit at Bunbury Hospital”. Read the Greens WA's full statement

The Nationals WA said:

“We support your priorities in principle and commit to working with you to achieve these goals.” Read the Nationals WA's full statement

Parties not listed above are yet to respond. However, we will continue to update this page with responses as we receive them.

How to advocate with us

You can help Western Australians avoid, survive and live well after stroke by contacting your local members of parliament and candidates, asking them to commit to the next steps in stroke prevention, treatment and care.

Contacting your local MP or candidate can be daunting. But it’s important to remember that they want to represent you; they want to know what's important to you.

1. Find contact details of your local election candidates on the Australian Electoral Commission website.

You can search by candidate surname, electorate (district), region or party.

2. Write to (or call) your local MP and candidates.

You can use our email template and sample phone script.

Do you want help advocating with us?

If you'd like more information or help on advocating with us, contact or call 03 9670 1000.

Stroke Foundation is registered charity, an independent, bipartisan and evidence-based organisation. All advocacy activities are carried out in-line with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Guidelines.