Our life was changed forever on the 18th of March 2012

On 18th March 2012 Nance’s husband Les noticed that her speech was slurry and she was having trouble standing up straight, he called an ambulance and told them that he believed that she was having a stroke, and he was right.

Les explains “the Doctor informed me that Nance was very sick and he didn't think she could and or would recover.

Nance spent sixteen days at Box Hill Hospital Stroke Unit and was moved to the Peter James Centre for rehab, she had many visits from family and friends which the family feel contributed to her recovery.”

Following intense rehab and after 67 days in hospital Nance came home.

Nance remembers a lot about this time “I can remember how cold I was on the way to Box Hill Hospital and all the family spending nearly ten hours a day with me for the first week. I can remember saying to the DR. from the Peter James Centre not to give up on me. Consequently I was moved there and spent the next 8 weeks learning how to walk and feed myself.

At a family conference Les told them that he would take me home as soon as I could walk to the toilet by myself, it only took one week and I moved home.

It was so good to be home, something that I can’t explain, relief I guess, I know that I was never going to give up. I exercise my arm every morning and I can move my arm left, right and lift it as well. 

Les ( the bully ) forcers me to walk around the house three times every hour and or takes me to a shopping centre for my walk, as he says constantly, no pain no gain.”

When the time came to start planning the celebrations for their 40th Wedding Anniversary instead of receiving gifts Nance and Les generously asked their loved ones to give a donation to the Stroke Foundation so we can carry on our vital work.