Bring Hope to stroke survivors

Bring hope to stroke survivors. For stroke survivors Anna and Paul, the journey to recovery has been long and challenging, and is ongoing. But with the right support and resources, they have both made amazing progress.

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Anna with dog

Anna's story

Stroke survivor Anna credits the bravery of her 10-year-old daughter Rosa with saving her life after she suffered a stroke in 2018.

Anna and Rosa were having a girls' day out at the beautician when Anna began to feel unwell.

“When I tried to stand up my leg felt numb. I was having trouble walking. I couldn’t focus or speak clearly. I managed to drive home, but Rosa knew something was wrong.”

Rosa was worried about her mum’s symptoms and insisted they call tripple zero (000). In Anna’s own words, “I can’t thank my daughter enough for urging me to call an ambulance. I’m not sure where I’d be now if she hadn’t been so brave and persistent.”

Rosa’s determination saved her mum’s life. And Rosa, along with her brother Jack, have been by their mum’s side as she recovers from stroke. Anna has returned to work, but it hasn’t been easy. Finding a new work-life balance while dealing with the after-effects of stroke has been a challenge. It is at these times that having access to stroke support resources, networks and advice can bring hope to survivors just like Anna. You can help us put stroke recovery resources in the hands of those who need them most.


Paul with family

Paul's story

Paul Fink is lucky to be alive. His family was nearly torn apart when at the age of 34, he suffered a massive stroke.

It happened in an instant and life would never be the same.

Paul spent two weeks in a coma and the next six months in rehabilitation. Not only did Paul face the challenges of learning how to walk and talk again, he also struggled being away from his young family.

“Before the stroke I was a real hands-on dad, but I missed around six months of my son Oscar’s life while I was in rehab.”

With an army of allied health professionals behind him – including speech therapists, physios, occupational therapists and a psychologist – Paul has made a courageous recovery.

"I was wheelchair bound for four months after my stroke, but with determination and the help of physios I learnt to walk, climb stairs, swim and use an exercise bike again."

The recovery journey has been long and challenging and its ongoing, but it’s also a journey of hope and courage. “I am over five years post-stroke now, and I am still improving, motivated and happy. I'm proud of my family.”

This was not the life Paul and his wife Lauren had planned, but it is life and the couple are making the most of every day.


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