Give the gift of hope this Christmas

Bring the gift of HOPE to childhood stroke survivors and their families this Christmas.

When a stroke hits, it can devastate whole families. And when it strikes a child, the journey to recovery is full of unknowns. In the days, weeks and months after a stroke, having access to the right resources, networks and advice can bring a world of HOPE to survivors and their families.


Anthea and family

"Our little girl is a childhood stroke survivor."

When 6 week old Anthea Hyder woke up screaming, her parents Karli and Dan knew something was wrong. What they never expected was that their baby daughter was having a stroke.

“We initially thought it was colic. We tried everything we knew to settle her but nothing worked. The screaming only got worse. Then we noticed that her eyes started rolling back in her head and her face was drooping.” Karli recalls.

The new parents rushed their baby daughter to their local hospital in Toowoomba. During the 15 minute drive the unthinkable happened, Anthea became unresponsive.

Karli shares, “I tickled her feet and talked to her to keep her conscious. I was so afraid she was slipping away from us. Dan was driving, trying to keep an eye on the road and on us while I struggled to keep our daughter awake – it all happened so fast.”

After arriving at hospital, Anthea was airlifted to Brisbane – a forty minute trip by helicopter. On arrival, Anthea underwent a brain scan which revealed significant bleeding. Doctors delivered the devastating news to Karli and Dan – Anthea had suffered a stroke.


Anthea 2w and 6y

Thankfully, Anthea’s story is one of survival and triumph.

Emergency surgery to drain the blood on Anthea’s brain was successful and after three weeks in hospital, Anthea returned home. Dan shares what the ordeal has taught them about the tenacity of their little girl.

“Initially Anthea was on a feeding tube, but that lasted only a few weeks before wanted to feed from the bottle. We took that as a very good sign and began to realise just how determined our daughter is.”

Anthea is lucky to be alive and Karli and Dan are so grateful their little family can celebrate together this Christmas.

But the recovery journey is full of unknowns. Karli shares some of the challenges they have faced.

“The information available around childhood stroke is limited. It’s hard to know what to expect especially because Anthea’s still developing. We know her eye sight is damaged, but we won’t know how severe it is until she is older and can tell us what she sees.”

That’s why your Christmas gift today is so powerful.

Together we can stand with childhood stroke survivors and their families on the stroke recovery journey. By supporting the Stroke Foundation this Christmas you’ll help families access the support and information they desperately need.

As Karli, mother of childhood stroke survivors Anthea, shares, “Getting the right information is so powerful."


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